Aussie bluegrass musician coming to Charlotte, seeks jam sessions, upright bass, let’s show NC hospitality

I received a post from a musician in Australia who is visiting Charlotte and North Carolina soon. He has played a lot of different music but has embraced bluegrass music and wants to experience bluegrass music in NC. He is a bass player and will not be bringing his bass from Australia. I am going to provide some jam session suggestions, but would love to hear from bluegrass musicians. Also, if someone out there has a bass he could play at a jam session that would be great. Let’s show him some NC hospitality. The Australians have stood by us and fought side by side with us for years. Here is the email he sent:

We fly in on March 27th, and will be touring around Western NC & TN until April 1st. …….. and we then fly out on April 8th. So I’ll have a bit of free time on my hands….

I’m a bassist who 3 years ago moved over to the upright after 25yrs as an electric player (you name it, I’ve played). Some friends turned me onto folk, and from there I found my way back to my country roots. Bluegrass is my staple diet now, and by getting along to the many great session available around Australia I’ve been fortunate to play with, and learn from, some of the best pickers here.

I won’t be able to take my bass for obvious reasons, and am hoping that in the fine bluegrass tradition I may be offered the opportunity to borrow one, if only for a few tunes. To be able to jam with locals at the ‘coal face’ would make the trip worthwhile.

I’ve attached a pic of one of the bands I play with…..a great bunch of blokes called The Strzelecki Stringbusters, named after the mountain range we all live in here in regional Victoria (waaaay down south). Not all 14 members are shown here, but the shot captures what we (and the genre) are all about. Whilst not strictly bluegrass, we’re at the forefront in our region (Gippsland) of showing folks another way to interact musically, and support a wide variety of community-based projects. As they say, there’s a lot of work for a band that doesn’t charge any money!

Google Gippsland Bluegrass and check out various info and blogs. The band also has a site, albeit a basic one..

My two main questions are:

What would be good to get to in and around Charlotte with the above timeframe?

Any chance of sitting in on someone else’s instrument?

Cheers, John



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