Green River Boys, bluegrass, gospel music, Saluda NC, March 21st , April 4th , April 18th, every other Friday

From James Metcalf:

Join the green river boys at shaffers roadside grill ozone dr saluda nc (of i-26 exit 59) every other friday ,march 21st ,april 4th ,april 18th etc etc ,at 6pm each night check out for more info or call 828-749-1800

The following exerpt is from their website:

The Green River Boys from western North Carolina started as a group by getting together on Tuesday nights at the home of Charles Jones.Jones who was the original banjo player of the group along with Fred Lyons, bass-man Ireland Brown and CA Morgan played their instruments, while Bruce Cole and later James coot McDowell sang those old time gospel songs in late 1999 towards the end of the year.

 In December 1999 the green river boys were invited to perform at the Saluda family restaurant (now shaffers grill) in Saluda, NC.  This is a gig that we have continued every other weekend since, to the delight of local residents and travelers and truckers passing through or visiting the Carolinas.

The Green River Boys have shared the stage with many nationally know gospel and bluegrass groups including The Primitive qt, The Jody Brown Indian family, Standing Tall, Mike Upright, Naomi and the Sego’s, The Singing Echoes, The Hoskins family, The Hayes family, The Redeemed, The Melodyaires, The Jimmy Justice family, and Furman Boyce and Harmony Express ,the Jason Camp familyAND THE PRINCIPLES.


6 Responses to “Green River Boys, bluegrass, gospel music, Saluda NC, March 21st , April 4th , April 18th, every other Friday”

  1. drtombibey Says:

    Any one been to the Purple Onion in Saluda? I liked the soup, and they had all kinda hot tea. We were not there during music hours, but I understand they have some of that too.

    Dr. B

  2. nccoffeeshopmusic Says:

    How are you Dr. Tom?

  3. drtombibey Says:

    All is well. Playing music, getting a few paid gigs to eat BBQ, listen to bluegrass, and write about it, reading Doc books so I can take good care of my friends- all good.

    Dr. B mand

  4. In the above link to my website, I have some pictures I took in Saluda in 2007. Can someone tell me if I have labeled the band as the Green River Boys correctly. If not, what is the name of the band I have photographed?

  5. yes two pix are from the green river boys at coon dog day saluda 2007 ,the first pix is coot mcdowell (front) and fred (back ) and bassman second pix is ireland brown to post these on my website if youd like ,,on greenriverboys .com thanks ..james metcalf ,green irver boys

  6. the green river boys at the saluda truckstop is
    soemthing we love to do when we visit saluda four or five times a year ….
    great family place to visist and enjoy as well….
    alex charleston sc

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