Bluegrass Jam, Charlotte NC, Australian bluegrass muscian, new bluegrass, old time music jam

We had a great jam session at Dilworth Coffee Shop in Quail Corners Shopping Center, last night, Thursday, April 3, 2008. John Werner and his wife, from Australia joined us. John plays in a bluegrass band in Australia and his wife plays in an Irish music band. We had a good mix of people and instruments. All had a good time. The seeds of future bluegrass and old time music jam sessions have been planted. We will be inviting more musicians and singers to join us. Keep checking back. I will provide details about upcoming jam sessions. Please tell your friends.

I spoke to John on the phone yesterday afternoon. He was ecstatic. He had been in bluegrass heaven. He took part in jam sessions at Fort Mill in NC and in multiple sessions in SW virginia. People welcomed them both and showed the hospitality and friendliness that I treasure about this area of the country. Well, enough of me speaking for John. He promises to provide a writeup when they get back to Australia.

One of the people that came to listen to the music searched the internet and found the jam session on this blog. It gives me great satisfaction to have been a part of this.

Emily, thanks again for bringing the vintage bass that John played and for playing some incredible old time fiddle music. Michael, thanks for helping organize the jam session and thanks to all who came and made it a memorable event.

Stay tuned. Take care.


6 Responses to “Bluegrass Jam, Charlotte NC, Australian bluegrass muscian, new bluegrass, old time music jam”

  1. drtombibey Says:

    Man that sounds like a great time. I was on call and could not get out of town. Keep me posted, I’d like to come to one someday.

    Dr. B

  2. Hey Larry, Had a ball mate, and it was great to meet everyone and be a part of the initial spark that will hopefully turn into a raging fire.

    I’m catching up with Emily tomorrow moring for another blow….now, she’s something special, and what a nice bass she has!

    Our trip to date has been surreal with many strokes of luck, and lots of co-incidences. Gerry, who found his way to last nights session by pure luck dropped a book into the hotel today that his sister had written about many of the people we met, and it looks to be a great account of the rich musical heratige of the Whitetop region in SW VA. We’ll look forward to that on the way home.

    Stayed tuned for our Stories soon….

  3. nccoffeeshopmusic Says:

    Hi John.
    We really enjoyed the jam session and talking to you and your wife.
    You are always welcome here and are our new friends.
    I am looking forward to reading all about your adventure and
    experiences here.
    Stay in touch mate.

  4. nccoffeeshopmusic Says:

    Dr. Tom.
    Yes it was a great time and it was a special mix of people
    and talent.
    Looking forward to meeting you someday.
    Take care.

  5. I wish I could have been there…but enjoyed reading about it.

  6. Hi there,

    How may I submit show listings / information for the NC region?

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